Spring is in the air - warmer weather, longer days, crazy allergies and the urge to purge. We need to clear out space for new colors and designs, so we’re holding our FIRST EVER clearance/liquidation event. Get up to 70% off!

Spring Clearance items include a mix of:

  • Previous versions 
    • We are constantly working to improve our construction methods and materials. With that said, we have older generations of existing styles that are in perfect condition.
  • Overstock colors
    • These products are in mint condition, but we have more than we need
    • Please note, these items may not come in the standard Capsule packaging and pouch.
  • Slightly imperfect
    • Items that didn't meet our highest quality control standards, but came pretty darn close.
    • Our slightly imperfect products are ones where the leather may include variations, minor scratches and blemishes.

All clearance items are non-refundable. All clearance sales are final.