Capsule designs forward thinking leather goods for your everyday essentials. Originators of the Minimalist, our premium wallets are distinguished by their low profile and high utility.

At Capsule, a foundation of our design ethos is to create products that reach beyond the simple axes of "Form and Function.” Any run-of-the-mill wallet at your local department store usually has basic “Functionality.” Some slots for cards and a main area for cash, but that’s it.

We coined the term “Flexutility™” to represent our philosophy that function should ALSO be useful. Function without utility is useless. Nearly every feature we design into our products is multi-purposable giving you the flexibility to use the wallet as you see fit.

All of our products are produced in partnership with one of the premier European manufacturers in the world. With 40+ years of experience crafting luxury leather goods for some of the finest brands in the world, our manufacturing process utilizes only premium materials and is evaluated against the highest standards of quality control.