After studying other card case wallets, we noticed most of the generic pocket designs did not store cash well. After storing a few bills, you have to fold your cash multiple times and stuff them into increasingly tight pockets, leaving your wallet bulky and your cash disheveled.

Wallets with magnet or metal money clips don’t work well either. These features often lack ease of use, requiring both hands to position cash into place. From a design perspective, these features are clunky and awkward; they cause your wallet to bulge even before holding any cash and the hardness of the features result in wallets that sit uncomfortably in your pocket.

As a result, current wallets end up sacrificing purpose for the sake of being thin. At CAPSULE, we believe a wallet designed to be thin should still successfully function as intended—neatly holding both cash and cards.



After many iterations, we finally arrived at the Minimalist—a wallet designed to be a staple in your daily life. We refined the best ideas that card cases had to offer and integrated our unique CashStrap™ feature. The end result, is a wallet equipped to sleekly store your everyday cards and neatly organize your cash, while maintaining a low profile in your pocket.

The Minimalist’s appearance is decidedly analog. No crazy space age fabrics or metals. Simply a functional wallet crafted with precision, using high-quality leather and premium manufacturing techniques.

Every design detail was carefully considered to produce the best blend of form and function—an aesthetic that is purposeful and understated. The stitching is minimal. The pockets are strategically placed. And the CashStrap feature offers a smarter way to secure your cash.



What sets the Minimalist apart is the innovative CashStrap design which allows you to store and remove cash with ease.

The CashStrap functions to support your everyday need to carry cash. We like to think of it as a more versatile pocket for your paper money.

The front pocket provides quick access to one or two of your most frequently used cards and the top pocket safely stores an additional two to four cards. The Minimalist comfortably carries six cards, though it can easily accommodate a few more.