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Thin Wallets for Men
“GQ Australia Editors' Pick"


Capsule Minimalist Wallet
“The past two weeks or so with the Minimalist have been great. I had initially doubted its usability, but it may be the best wallet I’ve ever owned.”


“What makes this wallet a cut above others, however, is its proprietary CashStrap that holds cash in place through static friction. Made from hand, the Minimalist even accommodates Euro bills, retails for under $100 and is made in the same factories that produce leather goods for the world’s largest luxury companies.”


Capsule Minimalist Wallet Review: The Anti-Costanza
“If you've been searching far and wide for a minimalist wallet, then you really should consider the Minimalist. Just keep in mind that it can't handle a ton of cards and it isn't meant to be a repository for your pocket trash either. It's simple, understated and not very expensive.”


Dwell on Design Editors' Pick
“Best mini-modern design: Capsule Wallets' new Minimalist cash carrier, which was funded on Kickstarter and made its retail debut at Dwell on Design.”


Change in Your Pocket: Minimalist Wallets That Fit the Bill
“Leave the "Costanza" to Seinfeld. It's time to slim it down with trim well organized wallets.”


Big Bulges Are Out, Try The Capsule Minimalist Wallet
“...All you people with unsightly pocket bulges need to get on the bandwagon and slim down.”


Capsule Minimalist Wallet
“Crafted from high quality leather, the Capsule offers an integrated CashStrap to hold bills, a fast access front pocket for your ID and most frequently used cards, and a secure interior pocket for other cards. Overall, it can comfortably carry six cards — as well as several bills — without adding a huge bulge to your pocket.”


A Minimalist Wallet for an iPhone World
“It’s a streamlined premium leather wallet with two pockets for credit cards and a strap for cash. Boom. Done. Money, as they say.”


Capsule Minimalist
“Alongside two card pockets, the wallet's key feature is the "CashStrap" which not only gives you secure and easy access to your money, but most importantly, it keeps the wallet thin.”


Minimalist Wallet by Capsule
“The Minimalist Wallet by Capsule addresses everything the modern man needs in a wallet: slim profile, durable leather, easy access card slots and an expandable catch for your dollar bills. You can carry everything you need to without any sort of bulge.”


Backed or Wacked: Kickstarter’s Great Wallet Project Glut of 2012
“...the Capsule Minimalist wallet includes a more generous CashStrap™ that can accommodate a single folded bill or a stack of them, whereas many other minimalist wallets require you to double-fold, which of course adds thickness. The result is a minimalist wallet that looks more traditional but offers good functionality.”


The Frequency (Dan Benjamin and Haddie Cooke) - Radio Show
Linux in the Bathroom (discussion starts at 47:00 min mark)

“This is so nice, and you can still fit everything you need to fit in it. You’ve got your cash on one side, then you’ve got your cards on the inside, and then you have your main card on the outside...these things are great and I’ve tried all kinds of thin wallets...this one looked like it had promise.  It’s just right.”