November 04, 2013

Hello, is anyone out there?

Hey, I'm Robert Sha, the Founder of Capsule. It's been roughly a year now since I officially started Capsule and it has been an incredible journey thus far. I thought I'd reserve this little spot on the site to share with you some of my thoughts and musings. This blog is intended to be my personal space to talk about my experiences as an entrepreneur, stuff I'm thinking about and things that are shaping the way I move about in the world.

I'm going to be talking about startup highs and lows, my interests in art and sports, being a new dad and family man, meeting some incredible creators, quitting the corporate life to pursue my passion and dreams and any other topics that seem relevant to me.

I hope anyone reading will find it interesting and maybe a little inspiring.

Best always, 


p.s. - I was inspired to start this in part by the influence of one of my heroes, Mike West. He's the founder of snowboarding brand, 686, and a bunch of other stuff. He does something similar called Mike's Mashup, and it's awesome.